Junior football liason is Hamish Skeggs (021 466 640, hamishskeggs@gmail.com)


Team details

Division Team Manager Mobile Email
AFF 12th Grade

Unimount AFC

12 Inspire

David Lewis 021 318 166


AFF 11th Grade

Unimount AFC

11 Inspire

Suzie Wigglesworth 021 782 011 suzie@sbay.co.nz
AFF 10th Grade

Unimount AFC

10 Inspire

Michelle Pepper 021 359 056 michellepeps@gmail.com
AFF 10th Grade

Unimount AFC

10 Contenders

Peter Liggins 021 927 349 Pliggins@its.jnj.com
AFF 9th Grade

Unimount AFC

9 Inspire

Nikki O'Donnell 021 485 605 nicola-odonnell@xtra.co.nz

A message for parents

With the 2017 season about to kick off this weekend, I would like to take this opportunity to outline game day expectations at Uni Mount and comment on the football philosophy of the Top Flight Football Academy.

1. Playing Philosophy

Our philosophy of “purposeful possession” will be consistent across all Top Flight Football Academy related grades at Uni Mount.

“Purposeful possession” focuses on governing the game through intelligent, patient retention of the ball, whilst learning to recognise and cleverly exploit opportunities to play forwards.  This is an approach that does not rely on the physical attributes of the players, instead focusing on developing players’ footballing intelligence, decision making and technical abilities with the ball.  Our players will be encouraged to always look for solutions to the myriad of footballing problems that they will encounter during their development years and beyond.

Given the challenges of learning this style of play, mistakes will undoubtedly occur, some of which may result in goals being conceded.   However, our view is that excellence is built upon the foundation of necessary failure. Therefore our players have to make mistakes in order to learn and improve.

Players will be encouraged to be creative and utilise their individualism for the benefit of the team. We want our players to entertain, to play with confidence and without fear. 

As there is a consistent philosophy being coached from the 9th graders through to the older grades, we are confident that this approach will set players on the path to becoming the best footballers that they can be.

2. Players, Not Positions

At the academy we develop players not positions.

What this means is that we want all of our players to be comfortable playing in any area of the field. Therefore players will often be asked to play in different positions to where they feel most comfortable.  By taking this approach we avoid the danger of narrowing player skill sets and game understanding too early in their development.

Our aim is to ensure players have a comprehensive game understanding, are comfortable on the ball and have the ability to play and be effective anywhere in the field.

As such, expect to see your son play in different positions on a regular basis, goalkeeper included.

3. Equal Playing Time

All of our players will be given equal time on the field during match days.

We want to give all of our players the same opportunity to contribute regardless of the score or outcome. This means that each player must maximise their time on field and make the most of every learning opportunity. This approach also teaches the players humility and the importance of being part of a team.

4. Player of the Day

The best gift we can give our young players at the end of every game are five simple words, “I love watching you play!” (read the article below under item 5). We want to steer our players away from instant gratification and instead encourage them to hold out and work towards the bigger, grander prize. “Don’t eat the marshmallow” is a term our players will hear often.

We aim to teach our young players that the greatest gift they can get from this game is to play it beautifully, with passion and joy. We want to guide them towards being intrinsically motivated where learning and self-development is the most rewarding prize.

On the basis of this approach, we will not include a Player of the Day event post-match during the course of the season.

5. Parent and Team Mate Support

One of our biggest goals here at Uni Mount will always be to lead by example.

We want all our players to take responsibility in leading their peers by example, not only in terms of the way they play on the pitch, but also in terms of the way they conduct themselves before, during and after matches.

The same expectations are applicable for all of our parents.

I would like parents to always be supportive of all our young players under all circumstances.  Things aren’t always going to go our way - referees are going to make bad calls, our players are going to make mistakes etc.  Please just encourage, be positive and let’s all keep the big picture, the long term sustainable success of our young players, firmly in view.

Please read this article for some insights into what we are and are not looking for in terms of behaviour from our parents.

Players (substitutes) standing on the side-line will be expected to watch and learn from the game going on before them. Likewise, they will be expected to cheer and encourage their teammates in an appropriate manner.


Top Flight  Junior Players

If you are interested in managing and recruiting  junior teams outside of the Top Flight Academy please contact Hamish Skeggs (hamishskeggs@gmail.com or 021 466 540)

If you do join one of our teams, you will still have to fill in a registration form for each player , scan it and return it to our registrar, Hamish Skeggs with a scanned ID like a BirthCertificate (with a photo), or a passport to confirm age and full name. If you have played previously for another club, John will also need to apply for a clearance and this will only be granted if all fees and fines have been paid and gear returned at that club.

Home games are played at Bill McKinlay Park and Colin Maiden Park (about 50% each). Playing strips are provided (jerseys only - players must provide their own shorts and socks.)  Players must also have boots with moulded soles,

Touch shoes or turf shoes for home games on Bill McKinlay Park which is a synthetic turf with special requirements for its protection.

Top Flight Academy players train before school at Bill McKinlay Park.  Other teams may train either on Bill McKinlay Park or Colin Maiden Park at a time to be advised.